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When Blogging Block* Strikes

*closely related to writers block!

So... you've been told you need a blog on your website to build traffic and reputation.

Easier said than done right?

Well don't despair, if you've hit a roadblock when it comes to content, we've got some ideas for you (in no particular order)...

- Post a product demo

- Interview a staff member (preferably an interesting one) and share their comments

- Explain your knowledge base and why it matters

- Here are our failures, and what we learned from them...

- Showcase a "client-of-the-month"

- Share guest posts from industry partners

- Launch a list of "must haves"

- Post common myths about your field and then set them straight

- Give a shout out to a favourite brand (probably not a direct competitor)

- Round up recent news in your industry

- Share some inspirational quotes or memes (everyone loves a good meme)

- Write about why you do, what you do (the why behind your what)

- Produce a list of FAQ's

- Share some flash backs, a blast from the past

- Write a guide - like this!

And, here's some really average ones that we came across (you're welcome)!

- Make a song that describes your office culture 🎶🚫

- Make an infographic about your analytics 😴

- Create a survey about your business eco-system 🥱

- Relate your content to a celebrity 🤔

Mix it up and have some fun!

And if all else fails - just ask us to write them for you! 😉

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