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Business Survival Guide :

Creative Solutions :

1. Get creative with your product or service delivery. Think takeaway, drive through, drive by, click and collect. Move online.

2. Seek advice, get in regular contact with a coach, mentor or business advisor. Line up a brainstorm session.

3 . Diversify revenue streams. Be willing to go the extra mile and don’t be afraid to try something new.

4. Focus on marketing, sales and other revenue-generating activities. Invest in your future.

5. Tell customers how they can help. Ask them to buy a voucher, let them know they can buy online or over the phone.

6. Catch up and conquer your to-dos. Create social content for the next 6 months. Review stock levels. Change window displays. Update collateral, websites and signage. All the things that fall to the bottom of your list.

7. Support other businesses. Buy their products. Utilise their services. Promote their offerings.

8. Up-skill and educate. Do an online course. Listen to webinars or podcasts. Read. Learn something new that can help you in business.

9. Speak to financial advisors early. Use facts and data to guide your decision making.

10. Find solutions. Don’t focus on problems. Look for opportunities. Innovate.

Have fun!

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