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Designing Branded Social Media Posts :

How to develop a strong visual brand on Social Media :

1. Have a consistent voice By “voice” we mean the words and visuals you use to represent your brand - in profile pictures, posts, ads and about/bio sections. You need to craft all of these elements using one distinct voice. Conversational or formal, cheeky or serious etc - you choose and stick with it.

2. Use your logo Sneak it onto visual content as a watermark or place it loud and proud. Make the most of opportunities to boost your brand awareness and preserve your content, that way when others share it they will lead people back to you.

3 . Share a consistent colour palette Make a choice and splash your brand colours consistently on every visual you create. This will dramatically improve brand recognition, especially in instances when it’s not appropriate to add your logo.

4. Pair fonts that match your brand Your font choices should reflect your brand personality - strong or simple, cute or elegant? Limit and keep them consistent. 3 will do - a title font, a subtitle font and a body font. Once you’ve chosen - don’t be tempted to use others.

5. Create clean simple design Design to fit on a phone screen. Use large clear text. Avoid too much text - keep it visually appealing.

6. Use appropriate filters Use them to make your images look consistent. Consider seasons. If you want to change the look of your social feed do so in content batches. Consider the look and layout of your Instagram grid - sets of 3, 6 & 9 work well.

7. Share content that represents your brand Stick to a topic and only create content that’s relevant to the type of customer/client you want to attract and build a relationship with.

8. Use templates to speed the process up Is your logo positioned the same way each time it’s used? Are your colours and fonts locked in? Is the size and layout consistent? Are you using the ideal dimensions for each social media platform? Look them up if you need to or use something like Canva’s presets.

9. Choose background images with space Placing text in areas with clear copy space will improve the legibility of your design.

10. Prioritise images over text Images are easier to digest than text and people generally respond better to visuals. Icons can be used to replace words.

Have fun!

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