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Email newsletter tips :

Make the most of your subscriber list by following this best practice advice >

1 - Determine the Goal

Decide why you’re sending emails in the first places - to showcase products & services, Get click thrus to a website, increase website sales, get more followers on social media, educate your customers. Make sure your email content links back to your goal.

2 - Offer exclusives

Weekly or Fortnightly are the most popular with readers. Try to send at the same day and time each, so customers begin to expect your email.

3 - Offer exclusives

Give your subscribers offers that no one else can get, be it first looks at new stock or discount codes and early sale access.

4 - Be mobile friendly

Ensure your email loads quickly and can be viewed on mobile devices, use simple pictures, gifs and fonts. Add alternate text to your pictures, so the email makes sense with out them.

5 - Clean simple design

Make your design one column, so it fits on a phone screen, use large text and headers to break up sections. Newsletters are often scanned, so avoid large blocks of text. (Link to a blog or article if you’ve got something lengthy to talk about).

6 - Give enticing info in the Subject

Use words like: exclusive, VIP, first access, new, just arrived, it adds urgency and interest. Emoji and characters can also make subject lines stand out.

7 - Be informative and educational

Offer snippets of your blog posts, so readers click through to view your full blog. Make them easily shareable to social media.

8 - Jump on Trends

Offer discounts when everyone else is - Black Friday, VOSN, ClickFrenzy, always make sure you’re in the mix when people are in shopping mode.

9 - Link Everything

Make sure buttons and text are big enough to click with one finger on a phone. Make all pictures and text link directly to the product page, to make the clicks to checkout as few as possible.

10 - Include Standard Information

Make sure you include email address, shop address, social links, phone number and opening hours in all emails. It’s helpful & you never know when a reader might need that information.

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