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Fonts... how to pick the right ones !

With so many active social media platforms demanding your attention it can be difficult to decide where to ‘hang out’ online - Relax, we’ll simplify it for you by summarising the main ones!

Facebook :

Facebook is the BIGGEST of them all when it comes to power and reach. This means you’re not the only one trying to get noticed on here, so be loud and proud. Hang out here regularly and engage with others. Think of Facebook as the new Yellow Pages - it ranks high in Google searches so your Facebook page will come up even if nothing else does. This ones a must, even if it’s just a simple ‘listing’ type presence!

Instagram :

Think of Instagram as a visual, inspirational, showcase channel.

This platform lets you show off products, especially yummy or pretty ones, and you can categorise them using hashtags and geo location.

The content you’re most likely to enjoy is shown first on here, so make your posts enjoyable!

LinkedIn :

This one’s a bit like a digital resume and acts as a networking directory for business PEOPLE. But it’s not for every BUSINESS.

If you enjoy networking within your industry or locality, then it’s great. But also be prepared to cop a bit of spammy sales stuff from cold-callers in your inbox.

YouTube :

Happy to get in-front of the camera? Got expert knowledge in something or a very niche interest? Enjoy reviewing a particular type of item?

People love watching video tutorials and reviews, so if you’ve got something valuable to share then a YouTube Channel could be they way to go.

Be prepared to post regularly and remember that video production can consume a lot of time and money.

Google :

Often overlooked, you can control lots of aspects of your individual businesses Google Listing. It’s essential that you keep your location, opening hours and services up to date on your Google Listing. Because where do we go if we want to know something? Google of course!

You can also respond to customer reviews and post your own articles and offers. All of which help with your Google ranking.

Pinterest :

This one is essentially an online mood board and a place to store a ‘shopping’ list for desirable items. Think wedding planning, house building, recipes, travel, fashion & beauty.

It’ also serves as a “mini Google” for those into DIY projects, recipes & life hacks. It’s known for its ability to sell products in a lifestyle setting. It drives consumerism & trends across many industries.

If you have an online store, great food blog or an amazing tourism offering then this could be a winner for you.

SnapChat :

SnapChat messages generally self-destruct in 10 seconds and it’s full of advertising aimed at the teen market. But it can be effectively utilised for major events or launches if you’re prepared to pay for your own filter.

Twitter :

Are you a celebrity, comedian, sports team or news outlet? If not, skip this one. If you are - let’s talk!

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